Family Church On The Rock

The Church in Every Family!


Our Statement of Faith

1. Holy Scriptures

We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. — John 5:39, 

2 Tim 3:16-17, 1Pet 1:23-25, Heb 4:12

2. The Godhead

We believe that there is one God, eternally existent in three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. — Matt 28:18-19, Mark 12:29, John 1:14, Acts 2:3-4, 2 Cor 13:14, Heb 1:1-3, Rev 1:4-6

3. The Lord Jesus Christ

We believe in the pre-existence, incarnation and virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, who came into the world to reveal the Father. — John 1:1-2, 14, 1Tim. 3:16, Acts 7:37-38, Phil 2:9-10, Heb 7:25

4. The Holy Spirit

We believe that the Holy Spirit, though omnipresent from all eternity, after the glorification of Jesus Christ was sent on the day of Pentecost, dwells in every believer, unites all to Christ in one body, and is the source of all power

and acceptable service. — John 3:6, 16:7-15; Rom 8:9, 12:1-2; 1Cor 6:19; 12:8-11; Gal 5:22-23; Eph 2:22, 4:11-13

5. Angels, Unfallen and Fallen

We believe that God created an innumerable company of sinless spiritual beings known as angels; the one Lucifer, Son of the Morning, “the highest in rank, sinned through pride, thereby becoming Satan.—Isa 14:12-17, Ezek 28:11-19, 2 Pet 2:4, Jude 6—We believe that Satan is the originator of sin, and that under permission of God, he through subtlety, led our first parents into transgression, thereby accomplishing their moral fall and subjecting them and their posterity to his own power and that he is the enemy of God and His people.—Gen 3:1-19, Rom 12-14, 2 Cor 4:3-4, 11:13-15, Eph 6:10-12, 

2 Thess 2:4, 1 Tim 4:1-3, Col 2: 15, Rev 20:1-3, 10—We further believe that a great company of angels kept their holy estate and are before the Throne of God, from whence they are sent forth as ministering spirits to minister for those who are heirs of salvation.— Luke 15:10, Eph 1:21, Heb 1:14.

6. The Creation of the World and Man

We believe that God’s sovereignty created the world out of nothing. We further believe that man was created in the image of God and by a direct and immediate act of God. — Gen 1:1, 227; 2:4-6

7. Man’s Fallen Condition

We believe that man by willful transgression fell from a state of righteousness and holiness in which he was created into total spiritual depravity. — Rom 3:23-25, 5:12-21; 1Cor 15:1-4; 2 Cor 4:3-4

8. Salvation Only Through Christ

We believe that repentance and faith towards our Lord Jesus Christ produces work of justification in the believer. Through faith in the shed blood of  Jesus Christ, he is justified. — Rom 5:1; Eph 2:8-9

9. The Walk of the Believer

We believe that a continuous walk in grace should be the emphasis of heart righteousness and purity. — Rom 8:25, 12:1-11; 1Cor 3:11; Gal 5:16-25; Heb 6:1-2; Jude 24

10. The Doctrine of Baptisms

We believe that the New Testament teaches at least three baptisms. First, there is the baptism whereby the repentant sinner, upon trusting Jesus Christ as his Saviour, is baptized by the Holy Spirit into the Body of Christ —1Cor 12:13

— Second, there is water baptism by immersion for believers only. —Matt 28:19-20

— Third, there is the filling or Baptism in the Holy Spirit by The Lord Jesus Christ, which occurs at our or subsequent to conversion for ministry or service to Christ — Acts 1:5, 2:2-4, 38, 10:45-46, 11:28, 19:6

11. Divine Healing

We believe in divine healing for the whole man through the atoning death of The Lord Jesus Christ. — Isa 53:4-5, Matt 8:17, Acts 4:30, 19:11, 1Cor 12:9, James 5:14, 1Pet 2:24-25

12. The Church

We believe that all who are united by the new birth of Jesus Christ are members of the universal Church, the Body of Christ. We also believe that the local congregation of Christian believers is divinely instituted and is the chosen instrument of God for the furtherance of God’s work upon the earth. — Matt 16:16-18, John 17:21, Rom 12:5, Eph 1:20-23, 4:3-10, Col 3:14-15

13. The Ordinances

We believe that water baptism is for believers only and should be administered by the mode of immersion and in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ to the glory of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. — Matt 28:10-20, Acts 8:16, Rom 6:4 — We believe that through the Lord’s Supper the believer renews and affirms the reality of the New Covenant. — Matt 26:26-29, 1Cor 11:23-25

14. Worship

We believe that the whole purpose of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. Therefore we believe in the act of worshipping God with one’s total being as set forth in the Holy Scriptures. — Matt 5:16, 1 Cor 6:20, 1 Pet 4:16

15. Ministers To The Church

We believe in the divinely called, commissioned and equipped five-fold Ministry of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers as given to the Church by the Lord Jesus Christ after His ascension. — Eph 4:11-13, 2 Cor 5:20

16. Laying On Of Hands

We believe in the doctrine of the laying on of hands for:

A. The confirmation of believers to commitment and ministry in the local Church

B. The confirming of one’s call by God to special ministry in the local Church — Acts 13:1,3

C. The imparting of spiritual gifts — 1Tim 4:14, 2Tim 1:6

D. The experience of filling of the Holy Spirit — Acts 8:17-18

E. The ministering of healing through the Lord Jesus Christ of the sick — Mark 16:18

F. The blessing and dedicating of children to the Lord — Mark 10:16 — We further believe that, in obedience to the Holy Scriptures, we should lay hands on no man suddenly but that the laying on of hands, confirm a ministry which is already observed and has been proven — 1Tim 5:22

17. Evangelism and Missions

We believe that it is the explicit message of our Lord Jesus Christ to those whom He has redeemed, that they are sent forth by Him into the world to be witnesses of His saving grace, and that their primary purpose in life should be

to glorify God by obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ’s command to preach the Gospel to every creature. — Matt 28:18-19, Mark 16:15, John 17:18, Acts 1:8, 2Cor 5:18-20, 1Pet 1:17, 2:11

18. The Restoration Of All Things

We believe that all that was lost by the fall is now being restored by Jesus Christ in and through His Church and that there will be total and ultimate Restoration of all things by the Lord Jesus Christ. — Dan 7:14, Acts 3:21, Rev 21:1-5

19. The Eternal State

We believe that at death the spirits and souls of those who have trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ pass immediately into His presence and there remain in conscious bliss until the resurrection of the glorified body when Jesus Christ comes for His own. — Luke 16:19-26, 23:42, 2 Cor 5:8, Phil 1:23, 2 Thess 1:7-9, Jude 6-7, Rev 20:11-15