Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We are Family Church on The Rock, where prayer is a lifestyle, love is experienced, families are transformed and the power of God is evident.

Our vision at Family Church on the Rock Montego Bay is called to the RESTORATION of the body of Christ to the state originally intended by God, by the Spirit of God, to preach the good news of the Gospel, with the intent that:

The poor in spirit will hear the Word

 The broken hearted will be healed

The captives set free

The bound loosed

Mourners are comforted

Our Mission Statement

To affect the social, moral and spiritual fiber of the communities locally and nationally by rebuilding, repairing and raising Godly standards. This will be done through the construction of centers equipped to facilitate, enhance and influence spiritual and social development, focusing on the areas of Education, Health Care, Sports, Music and The Arts!