Meet Our Pastors!

Apostle David & Denver Keane

Church On The Rock (FCOTR), Montego Bay was established in 1989 by Apostle David G. Keane, the founder of Church On The Rock Jamaica. How do you say Thank You to a visionary? How do you express to someone who has changed your life in ways too numerous to mention how much you appreciate their selflessness and commitment to the fulfillment of your eternal life? …By living the vision which was imparted to him by God…. By realizing and dedicating ourselves to continuing in that vision to the fulfillment of being effective ministers of the gospel. “The planting of the Lord, that God may be glorified. (Isaiah 61:3). “The Late Apostle David Keane (25/2/1947 – 7/12/2014) Servant of God, we honor you.”

Apostle Dr. Richard M. Keane & Senior Pastor Dr. K. Joye Keane with Family

Apostle Richard and Pastor K. Joye Keane have been married for 41 years this July! They have 3 beautiful daughters (Pastor Jean-Ann Murray, Renee Keane and Rochelle Hayles) and 4 grandchildren (Kelsey Keane, Keanan Fowler, Gabriella Murray and Joshua Hayles). Apostle Richard has been in full time ministry for 29 years and Pastor Joye for 19 years. They serve in the Unlimited Kingdom of God with grace, strength, dignity and a welcoming spirit which inspires all who sit under their Ministry.

Pastor Earl & Jean-Ann Murray with Family

Pastors Earl and Jean-Ann Murray have been married for 8 years. They have 2 beautiful daughters; Kelsey Keane (21) and Gabriella Murray (6).Pastor Jean-Ann Murray is the Executive Pastor of the Montego-Bay Ministry, as well as a leader of the Praise & Worship and Youth Ministries.

Pastor Treleth with Family

Pastor Treleth Moise is the head of the CARE Ministry. She has a beautiful daughter, Verbolet Moise. Pastor Treleth oversees separate ministries such as Ushers, Security, Property, Valet Parking and Hospitality. This ministry is vital to the operation of the Church and is done with much C.A.R.E (Constant Affection Reaching Everyone).

Pastor Tessa James with Family

Pastor Tessa James is the pastor of our Children’s Ministry. She has been married to Sean James for 6 years and has 3 children; Kobie Chin , Zoe James  and Sebastian James. She oversees the Sunday School Ministry as well as our children outreach program; Kid’s Club, in the communities of Moy Hall and New Ramble.

Pastor Deon Coke with Family

Pastor Deon Coke and his wife, Dresden Coke, are pastors of Rockteens and the Youth Ministry. They have been married for 11 years and have 2 beautiful daughters; Joy-Ann and Casey-Ann . They guide the youth of the church on Sundays in the “Barn”, and are known as “the power couple” by those they teach.